Pre-Press Solutions

Photopolymer and Flexography Plates

Flexography & photopolymer plates from JET. These plates are easily manufactured and provide high level of flexibility in photo-exposures, convenience and simplicity of being able to use ordinary tap water for washing with the minimum risk of contamination, absence of any additives and the very short processing times.

vari LEX

The variLEX is SPGPrints‘ answer to the industries in need of a multi functional CTP solution. The dynamic market and the ongoing technological developments force the printing industry to increase the quality and improve the flexibility in file formats and printing technologies. SPGPrints‘ variLEX can be


The HELIOS Direct Laser Engraving system is a proven solution for producing high quality printing forms for various applications. Different materials can be imaged, like polymer, elastomer, POM, etc. regardless of its colour.


The KRONOS is SPGPrints´ answer for companies who need seamless endless sleeves and rollers. The unique laser system, developed in-house, allows top quality, even at higher relief depths, in order to meet today´s and future requirements for elastomer sleeve making. The system is equipped with our own active 3D RIP

Label Printing Solutions

Digital Printing & Finishing Solution

Digicon Series 3

Digicon series 3, semi rotary die-cutting machine. It comes with features such as flat bed screen module for varnish, big foot 50 tonn embossing & hot foiling unit and lamination in register module.

Digilase 330: Laser Die Cutting Machine

Digilase 330, laser die-cutting machine can be used with any rotary machine for short run converting jobs. Printers don’t have to invest in conventional tooling and dies which saves thousands of dollars every month. It is compatible with digiflow, operator just need to download the file and digilase is ready to perform.

Brand Protection Solutions

Advance Track & Trace

VINSAK provides field-proven authentication, identification, secure traceability tools and dependable third-party infrastructures from ATT to control and drastically reduce the risks.

Numbering Inks

Numbering inks are specially designed for numbering and magnetic applications.These inks provide high transfer and excellent dot sharpness, keeping stable and fresh in inkwells and roller for a long time, and drying quickly once on the paper.


RADUS SV-360 provides highest efficiency and output along with its famous reliability at most various applications. Whether hologram application or numbering and print personalization on both sheet-fed and continuous forms

VINSAK Inkjet System VIS 1200

The VIS1200 is a modular wide format printing system. The VIS 1200 can print on a variety of different papers, i.e. various offset papers, coated paper, gloss papers etc. The user interface is easy to handle, offers a good overview and with its Windows technology it is truly intuitive.

VINSAK Security Inks & Substrates

VINSAK provides a range of Security Inks and Substrates to add security features for protecting documents against falsifications and counterfeiting.

VINSAK Security Software

VINSAK Security Software provides a host of features essential to the design of secure documents. It provides an extensive yet easy to use a palette of tools that enables any designer to apply high-security features to a design.

Label Finishing Solutions

VINSAK Roll Lifter (VRL Series)

VINSAK VRL series is a portable roll lifter equipped with a safety brake for loading, unloading and transporting the rolls safely. The main focus of this equipment is to reduce and even eliminate fatigue and occupational injuries. It improves the manual handling operation, helps to reduce workplace injuries and any material damage.

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Flatbed Die Cutter LFD 350

LFD350, Flatbed die-cutting machine from VINSAK. The machine have low setup cost and time resulting in higher return on investment. The flatbed die cutter have fetures like hot stamping, foil laminating, punching slitting and die-cutting.

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Omega SRI

Omega SRI is next genration slitter rewinder with inspection system. It uses the servo drive technology combined with PC/SPS based control resulting in a new level of sophistication to meet today's ever increasing demands and keep you ahead of the competition.

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USAR(Universal Slitter & rewinder)

USAR from VINSAK is the advanced slitter rewinder with Die-cut and camera inspection system. The die-cutting machine can be upgraded to add inkjet system for Bar-code, QR Code and Variable data personalization.

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Vectra ECTR

Vectra ECTR, a basic level turreter for converting large width print roll into small rolls. It produces a range of finished rolls from wide spectrumof substrates.

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E-Commerce Packaging Solutions

Paper Wrapping Machine JWR

The JWR is developed for high speed in-line mailing. The in-line mail finishing makes the envelope inline to the insertion process. The envelopes are wrapped around contents from a web that is glue sealed and separated into individual mail pieces with a high speed rotary cutter. The JWR have integrated digital printing capabilities with variable data personalization to create a unique system allowing mailers to leverage trans-promotional capabilities to convert envelopes into cost-effective, personalized marketing tools that increase response rates.

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Carton Wrap Machine

CMC CartonWrap is an automatic carton packaging system capable of creating dynamic cardboard boxes from a continuous fanfold corrugated material reel.

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