Information plays a vital role in the success of any business. Be it digital information or printed documents, both have equal importance to the end user. Losing/Amending the information may lead to financial losses or affect the brand image in eyes of customers. Every day counterfeiters duplicate/amend/alter government certificates, classified documents

  “Every single fraud begins with an attempt”

But the real question arises how we can stay ahead of the counterfeiters and how can we deter them or nab them? In all these cases the main motive should be to enhance security measures so that nobody can infringe on our documents.
“Higher the number of Security features you deploy on a document,
                                                          Higher is the level of deterrence that you create”
There are a number of applications available in the market. Most of us even get confused which one we should opt for? We have listed the most advanced security essentials you must have:

1. Secure Print Design
While preparing a document or certificate, we should embed security features such anti-copy, hidden image, bar-code etc. The more features will be added, the higher secured document can be printed. To incorporate these features, a firm must invest in security printing software which can prepare secure designs.

2. Use of Security Inks
There are many security inks such as Thermochromic ink, Water Fugitive ink, Fluorescent ink, and Erasable ink etc. which are available in the market. Depending upon the type of document or certificate, one can use different inks to print to ensure that no infringement can take place.

3. Security Paper
To ensure an extra layer of security to document, a firm should invest in security papers which are not easily available in the market for counterfeiters so that even if forgers are able to decode the design, then it will be difficult for them to procure the right paper to print.

4. Awareness
End users of documents should be aware of methods to check whether the product is genuine or not? Therefore organizations have to ensure effective spreading of the authentication process to the end customer.

5. Establishing contacts with enforcement agencies
Lastly, there should be some policies to track the counterfeiters and take legal actions against them periodically. To make it effective, people have to cooperate with enforcement agencies of the particular country.
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