Technology enhancement is an important aspect in the printing industry to grow with the competition. Over 400 years of printing history, printers have to constantly adapt to new technologies to survive and increase market share. In the current complex market scenario, printers are operating in different segments such as security printing, label printing, film printing etc. Presses are changed with the substrate which leads to purchase of many machines for different operations. It makes an impact on printers earning in form of additional expenses on human resource or the machinery. When it comes to finding the right fit for printers; In-line flexo presses are an ideal solution. Flexography is in the market for a long time but recent advancement in the technology is making it a suitable investment for Narrow Web and Mid-web printers. We like to enlist some of the key trending advancement; one should look for in Flexo press:

 Web-width of Flexo press should be in range from 330mm to at least 730 mm; so that application requiring higher web widths can be run on same press

 Multiple Substrate Printing capabilities; nowadays printer get to print on films cardboards, paper , Aluminium , Multilayer materials etc. So, a multi-substrate Flexo press will be a great win for printers.

 Less Operating cost; Narrow-web Flexo presses are generally used for low to mid-volume jobs when the cost per square meter is calculated, it is much more competitive vs Gravure.

 Multi-purpose press; Operations like die-cutting, slitting, hot /cold foiling, embossing, hologram stamping etc. can be done in-line with the printing process which saves investment in multiple finishing machines.

 Low Wastage; The quantity of wastage determine the final cost of printing as the amount of substrate and inks will increase in printing.

 Speed; The modern Flexo presses are ways faster than Digital and Lithographic presses running at a speed of 220m/min which makes it a far cost-effective & efficient press

 Ink versatility; The Flexo presses are highly versatile when it comes to using inks. Flexo machines can use UV, solvent and water-based inks. These inks are less costly to purchase than inks for other printing methods, and most importantly they provide the desired quality print.

Investing in Flexo Technology Above, we have enlisted some of the key benefits of investing in Flexo machine, but there are numerous others which can guarantee a positive Return on Investment. If you like to know more about Flexo machines or thinking on finding the right fit for your printing plant; then log on to www.vinsak.com or write to us at info@vinsak.com


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