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Security Inks

A wide variety of security inks are available to use in conjunction with good security design to authenticate your document. It is important to understand what you are trying to achieve when selecting the right security inks.Security inks are available to protect printed materials in different guises.

What types of security inks are there?

Security inks are available to protect printed materials in different guises.

Tax Stamp Solutions

Tax stamps are used on a wide array of consumer goods to indicate that taxes have been paid, to provide supply chain visibility or to authenticate products.

Tax stamps, also called fiscal stamps, excise stamps, duty stamps, tax seals or banderoles are applied by more than 80 countries in the world on tobacco and alcohol, but some countries extended their use to soft drinks or luxury foods too.Given the inherent value of a tax stamp, the threats posed by fraudsters are now as broad as they are serious.

In-Mold Label (IML) Production

In-mould labeling is a process in which the in-mould film is placed inside the mould during the manufacturing of containers by blow molding, injection molding, or thermoforming processes. This is done at high pressure where the pre-heated plastic is injected when the mould opens, and hence it is decorated with the label. This label serves is an integral part of the final product and the print stays dazzling on the product for life long.

Short Run Flexible Packaging

Short run flexible packaging makes it easier for companies to quickly place products on the shelf and reduce costs. A short run is simply the production of a smaller packaging or label count, often in the form of single use or sample packs. Quick promotions have become a common marketing tactic and companies are updating branding frequently. As a result, short run printing has surged in popularity.

Packaging for E-Commerce

E-commerce business is growing exponentially via online sales which are expected to comprise 14.6% of the total commerce by 2020. With more and more consumers embracing online shopping, the role of packaging becomes pivotal for both the brand as well as for the consumer.

The increment in number of online shoppers calls for the packaging to cope with a huge range of product shapes & sizes. This will require adaptable solutions to secure products that do not correspond to existing sizing standards, which means sellers have to invest in the right kind of packaging solutions.