Flexostar PrintMaster Hybrid

Flexo PrintMaster Hybrid, Direct laser engraving machine have two step process and it is equipped with CO2 & YAG lasers providing high quality laser engraving on plates and sleeves. The unique HYBRID mode results in both higher speed and higher (YAG) resolution at the same time.

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The Flexostar PrintMaster HYBRID


Flexostar PrintMaster Hybrid machine uses a 2-step process to create High Quality engravings in plates and sleeves on a single machine which is easy to operate & it maintains a low cost of ownership.


It is based on the robust flexible platform, engraving is available from 1 mm to 7000 mm and the HYBRID is equipped with a CO2- and a YAG Fiber laser which operate simultaneously.


The unique HYBRID mode results in both higher speed and higher (YAG) resolution at the same time.


The extreme repetitiveness of direct laser engraving assures high quality and allows even for a single plate or sleeve out of a set to be replaced, even after years


Key Highlights:

  • Shortest pre-press workflow by DLE

Direct laser engraving gives the shortest possible workflow between image creation and the production of printing plates and sleeves and works with very durable elastomer plates with excellent ink transfer qualities.

  • Easy and flexible implementation

The Lead Lasers systems are working both stand-alone as connected to intranet or internet. Applied in both workshop environments as well as networked at a customer and controlled by brand management to create global simultaneous release.

  • Grow with your business

The PrintMaster HYBRID is dedicated to flexo printing applications with a range of high power YAG fiber and CO2 lasers from 400 to1200 Watt. All Flexostar laser engravers can be upgraded to meet increasing production demand.

  • More output per shift with multi-job software

A well prepared cluster of jobs can be started under multi-job control at shift end and run unattended into the night on one long sleeve or plate-on-sleeve configuration with an auto shut-off at the end.

Production Range

  • 2100 mm / 2500 mm / 3100 mm / 4100 mm / 4500 mm up to 7000 mm length.
  • 1570 mm circumference

Production Speeds

  • From 250-8000 sqm/year
  • From 0.15 to 1 sqm/hour

Product Resolution

  1. Lines Screening
  • 1 to 85 lines/cm
  • 215 lines/inch
  1. Dot Size Upto
  • 2000 dots/cm
  • 5080 dots/inch

System Requirements

  • Electrical power: 3 phase – 380 V – 50 Amp fuse
  • Cooling requirement: From 3 – 16 kW, 8 l/min-4 bar, 19 o C +/- 0,2 o C
  • Compressed air: 8 bar oil free, non-condensing, 400l/min buffered
  • Dimensions: 1720mm (H) x 1650mm (D) x (min-max) 5000-115000mm (L)
  • Environment: 200C +/- 50C, dust class < EU 3-4

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