JJF Slitter Rewinder

JJF Slitter rewinder for slitting and rewinding of narrow width, small diameter rolls with shaftless rewind mandrels for automatic slitting and processing.


The model JJF slitter rewinder is ideal for fully-automatic production of narrow width, small diameter (up to 10″) rolls. No other company in the world has installed more fully automated POS roll slitter rewinders in North America than Jennerjahn Machine, Inc.

No rewind mandrels are required with the JJF. Cores are simply poured into a hopper/bowl feeder system and automatically processed. The simple and innovative shaft-less rewind system eliminates the need for rewind mandrels.

Upon seeing a demonstration, converters recognize the value of the machine’s simplicity and immediately understand how it will reduce labour, provide more consistent and reliable production, improve finished roll quality, and make them more efficient.



1 or 2 Ply Product Length of Rolls Cycle Time
1-ply 150ft./46m. 19.5 seconds
1-ply 328 ft./100m. 25.0 seconds
2-ply 100 ft./30.5m. 19.5 seconds
Maximum rated web speed:
1-Ply: 1900 fpm (578 mpm)
2-Ply: 1200 fpm (365 mpm)
3-Ply: 1000 fpm (305 mpm)
Maximum web width: 54 inches (1372 mm)
Maximum unwind roll diameter: 50 inches (1270 mm)
Maximum unwind roll weight: 3000 lbs. (1362 kg)
Maximum rewind roll diameter: 12 inches (305 mm)
Minimum rewind core outer diameter: 0.563 inches (14.5 mm)
Maximum rewind roll core outer diameter:
(using full automation)
1.25 inches (32 mm)
Recommended Utility Requirements:
Electricity- 480Volt 3phase 100AMP Service
Air- Clean, Dry @ 90 p.s.i. min.


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