VINSAK Roll Lifter (VRL Series)

VINSAK VRL series is a portable roll lifter equipped with a safety brake for loading, unloading and transporting the rolls safely. The main focus of this equipment is to reduce and even eliminate fatigue and occupational injuries. It improves the manual handling operation, helps to reduce workplace injuries and any material damage.

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VINSAK VRL series is equipped with safety locks on the rear wheels, which are to be used to hold the cart in place, in desired position and as a safety feature to keep the cart from rolling while in the stationary position. To operate, simply press brake lock and snap into place to activate brake, and lift to de-activate brake. The roll lifter can be rotated over 360º for precise alignment.


Parameters / Model VRL 250 VRL 400
Max. reel weight 250 Kg 400 kg
Max. reel width 500 mm 1000 mm
Max working height (500 mm dia roller) 600 mm 600 mm
Core ID 76 mm 76 mm
NOTE: The above specifications can be modified according to the customer’s request / need.


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