Re-invent your print business and its profitability with VINSAK Thermal Platesetter and Plate Processor

As film has dried up, and outsourcing is expensive and unreliable, it is key to re-invent your Data Print Business and its profitability. It is also challenging to look for opportunities that are dramatically different from what you are used to. New ways to operate your business successfully are essential.

VINSAK TPS1160 Thermal Platesetter a technologically sophisticated solution that helps you to make that quantum leap in a comfortable manner. Direct to plate, and in a matter of minutes, you have the finest printing plate in your hands. Easy to operate, and highly productive, in no time you will see how you reap the benefits.  At a blazing speed of 24 plates per hour, VINSAK TPS1160 Thermal Platesetter imaging an 8-up plate, this is a workhorse. Powered by 64 channels of infrared semi conductor laser, you will be imaging with an absolute peace of mind. An easy to use control panel ensures that no time is wasted during your every day operation. This also means that a simple operator can be trained to produce a very high quality plate.

The VINSAK TPS1160 Thermal Platesetter is designed to produce very sharp and accurate dots. Most commercial printing uses 175 lpi. The VINSAK TPS1160 Thermal Platesetter can image at 300 lpi giving you an extremely smooth tonal gradation. Advanced optic technology, enables fine registration of color over color when you print. No more manual skills needed thanks to the advancement in mechanical, electrical, optics and precision engineering, this platesetter takes away the burden of consistency from the human element to modern technology.

While VINSAK TPP 1300 Thermal Plate Processor that compliments your platesetter’s overall throughput. Built keeping your every day production needs in mind, VINSAK TPP 1300 Thermal Plate Processor is an intelligent and robust solution that will ensure your high throughput of plate is delivered to you reliably every day. Built to process plates of varying thickness, the VINSAK TPP 1300 Thermal Plate Processor is very flexible to accommodate varying processing conditions to suit the needs of the innumerable plates in the market. With wide latitude on developing temperature, time, brush speed and Dry me, any processing need of a plate can be accomplished. At a blazing processing speed, your presses will have to wait no more.

Vinsak-TPP 1300 Thermal Plate rocessor

VINSAK TPP 1300 Thermal late Processor

The VINSAK TPP 1300 Thermal Plate Processor is equipped with advanced micro-processor controls that assure you reliability with usage of various plate processing settings. They also enable maintaining the developer temperature accurately within +/-0.3 degree Celsius. These controls ensure that the developer efficiency is available for a longer period. The high quality rollers are acid/alkaline resistant that assure high quality processing for extended periods. An easy to use control panel in the VINSAK TPP 1300 Thermal Plate Processor puts all the sophistication built into it, in the hands of even a normal operator. The display is intuitive and helps the operator to maximize the built-in technology and thereby gain better efficiency and higher productivity.


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